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Italian Palazzos

There is a huge range of Italian Palazzi (singular Palazzo) available in Italy, Tuscany, Sicily, Sardinia and indeed in all areas of Italy. These historic buildings range from small and fairly humble buildings of the middle aristocracy in some of the smaller towns to large, glorious city and country properties of the higher aristocracy through the ages. Of course some of the more famous concentrations of Palazzi are in the cities of Venice and Florence, once the centres of life for these well known families.

In fact the number of Palazzo's are too numerous to count in Italy due to a rich history and many noble families representing an often fragmented country. In this section we are therefore just summarizing some of the Palazzi on offer from Authentic Italy for your unique rented accommodation in Italy.

Venice has a Palazzo or more on almost every street and there are some lovely apartments to stay in for a holiday sometimes with antique furniture and frescoed ceilings. Why not try one of the following Venice Palazzo Apartments from Authentic Italy:

Ca D'Oro

The art city of Florence also has a myriad of cultural and architectural places to visit and there are many Palazzo's dotted around this city in which you can rent an apartment and enjoy your holiday in Florence:

Il Palazzo
Vista Uffizi Gallery
Ponte Vecchio
La Magnolia
The Crest

There are also many other locations where you can stay in your very own Palazzo and we have made a selection which we think you will enjoy below.

Firstly there is the wonderful Palazzo located in Santa Maria di Castellabate on the Cilento coast which is less than 2 hours south of Naple airport and opposite the Amalfi coast which can be reached by boat in just over one hour:

Cilento Palazzo

Then there is the lovely Lazio Palazzo in northern Lazio and very near to Orvieto (famous for its white wine) in Umbria:

Lazio Palazzo

Then there is the very old 12th century Palazzo in Cefalu, Sicily where we have apartment for holiday rent:

Cefalu, Sicily Palazzo

Tuscany, with its undulating countryside, is perhaps one of the more famous regions for renting villas and apartments for holidays in Italy and here we also have some lovely Palazzi:

Borgo di Colleoli
Greve in Chianti

italian palazzo bovolino


italian palazzo lazio

Lazio Palazzo

italian palazzo greve in chianti

Greve in chianti