Lucca Food and Restaurants

Since Lucca is a wealthy gastronomic centre, it has some very high quality restaurants. However, there are many eating places to suit all people and all budgets; it's a real delight to pick and choose where to eat.

Local specialities for the area include: Zuppa di Faro - a thick grain soup; Capretto - roast mountain goat; Castagnaccio - desserts based on chestnut flour

Recommendations of the best places to eat vary as widely as the number of people you ask who have dined in Lucca. Below we have just given some ideas of the more consistently recommended restaurants.

Trattoria da Leo in Lucca, Italy - Very good food, lively crowd, and inexpensive

Buca di Sant'Antonio - reputedly the best restaurant in town with first class food and an excellent wine cellar. Also a friendly and attentive service.

Canulea - Excellent cooking with old-style desserts

Trattoria Gigi - the food and carafes of local wine are of good quality and value

Da Guido - one of the cheapest places in town

Da Leo - old-fashioned style Trattoria

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